LAVA CAKE(2019~2021)

"Lava Cake" is derived from the observation of the interaction between the surrounding environment and the inner emotions of individuals. It focuses on the internal state shaped by the modern society constructed by perfection and standard rules.

Lava cake is a type of cake made using high-temperature rapid baking, featuring a solid outer crust while the interior is a liquid chocolate cake. In the relentless pursuit of 'perfection' within a stable and firm societal environment, the individual's sense of security is gradually compressed to a critical point.  The work "Lava Cake" explores the era's environment that forms this critical point.


熔岩蛋糕是一种以高温快速烘烤方式制作,具有坚固的外皮,而内部则是液态的巧克力蛋糕。为了稳定与牢固而不断追求着‘完美’的社会环境中,个体的安全感被逐渐压缩至一个临界点。 作品《熔岩蛋糕》 探讨了形成这个临界点的时代环境。

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