"Mary, Where You Are" explores the artist's various interpretations of reversed time and space, as well as the vanished truths of reality. When life is halted by the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing polarization and restrictions to her environment, she feels as though her life has been reversed in every aspect. Using a video doorbell, she creates an interface that transforms the "vanished truth" into a distant entity called "Mary" in the nearby virtual spacetime.

"I'm still here, but I feel like I've been transported to an unpredictable space-time where my surroundings keep changing and my memories of the past keep disappearing. When truth is swallowed by falsehood, I realized that I never really existed. I can ring your doorbell, but we can't meet in person.” Mary said.

“玛丽,你在哪里”中包含了作者对颠倒的时空和消失的现实真相的多重解读。 当新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 将生活按下了暂停键并为周围的环境带来两极分化和限制时,生活似乎在各个方面都发生了逆转。作者将二维的空间照片置入到可视对讲机的镜头前去创建了一个界面,将“消失的真相”转化为近处的虚拟时空中的一个名为“玛丽”的遥远存在。

我还在这里,但我似乎被传送到了一个不可预知的时空,周围的环境不断变化,过去的记忆不断消失。当真相被谎言吞噬,我才意识到,我从未真正存在过。即使我能按响你的门铃,我们也无法面对面。” 玛丽说。

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