(with Spicy Seaweed Popcorn)

Photography Installation (2023)

"Standing here wondering where to go" questions the impact and legitimacy of certain conventional standards and norms in our society on individuals.

In a space composed of a two-dimensional image frozen in stillness due to high-speed movement, five steel wires traverse the space, connecting boxes covered in sand and filled with writing.  A dummy book attempting to reconstruct the artist's perception of reality by disrupting past memories is placed on the sand, and as viewers flip through the book, the sand continually slips off the boxes. The artist aims to present the aspects of life that have been evaporated by rules in the collision between the flat and three-dimensional, image and space.

The dummy book "Spicy Seaweed Popcorn“ is the result of the artist's blending and reconstruction of reality and memories accumulated since 2014. Based on everyday snapshots, it includes receipts with missing data, traffic tickets shrouded in safety nets, randomly received gym flyers, handwritten letters, and more. Through the visual reconstruction of snapshots and collected items, the work attempts to recreate a new "reality" space constructed by unpredictable external factors and the implicit rules within.

摄影装置<Standing here wondering where to go>质疑了我们所处的社会中某些约定俗成的标准与规范给个人带来的影响及其存在的合理性。


其中,摄影书《Spicy Seaweed Popcorn》是作者自2014年积累到现在的将现实和记忆进行混合重构的结果。以日常快照为基础,其中包含了消失了数据的收据,安全网包裹下的交通罚款单,偶然收到的健身房宣传单和手写信等等。 通过对快照与收集到物品以图像化重构的方式,作品试图重现一个由不可预测的外部诱因与暗含其中的规则所构筑的新的“现实”空间。

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